Kroj Concert Fundraiser: Honoring The Legacy Of Ritchie Valens

Platicando Y Mejorando

An inspiring program that promotes the health and well-being of our community through Intellectual, Physical, Economical, Political, and Spiritual discussions with experts and leaders in these fields.

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Monday- Friday from 6am-10am and repeat at 10am-2pm

Monday 6am-10am & 10am-2pm Host: Veronica De Lara and Sandy Logan
Tuesday 6am-10am & 10am-2pm Host: Brenda Villanueva and Cassandra Meraz
Wednesday 6am-10am & 10am-2pm Host: Silverio Pelayo and Lilyt Davtyan
Friday 6am-10am & 10am-2pm Host: Berenice Jimenez and Aurora Hernandez